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Single hung

Raised from the bottom with a fixed top half, single hung windows are a traditional style that can be used throughout the home.

Design Options
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum SH7600A
  • Winguard® Aluminum SH7700A
  • Winguard® Vinyl SH5500
  • Energyvue® Vinyl SH5400

Double hung

Double hung windows can be raised from the bottom and lowered from the top to maximize ventilation in almost any room.

Design Options
  • Winguard® Vinyl DH5560
  • Energyvue® Vinyl DH5460

Horizontal Roller

With tracks at the top and bottom of the frame, horizontal roller windows work like a sliding glass door, opening and closing horizontally while
providing uninterrupted vertical views and airflow.

Design Options
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum HR7610A
  • Winguard® Aluminum HR7710A
  • Winguard® Vinyl HR5510
  • Energyvue® Vinyl HR5410


Often placed in high spaces, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, allowing them to remain open even on wet-weather days.

Design Options
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum AW640
  • Winguard® Aluminum AW740
  • Energyvue® Vinyl AW5440
  • Winguard® Vinyl AW5540


Commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, casement windows are hinged at the side to open outward, letting air flow freely throughout your
home while providing an unobstructed view. Casement picture and architectural windows provide the perfect complement, creating a cohesive
look with our casement windows.

Design Options
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum CA640
  • Winguard® Aluminum CA740
  • Energyvue® Vinyl CA5440
  • Winguard® Vinyl CA5540


Creating a stunning centerpiece for living rooms and other gathering spaces, picture windows are fixed windows that offer an abundance of natural
light while framing the outdoors.

Design Options
  • Winguard® Vinyl PW5540
  • Energyvue® Vinyl PW5440
  • Winguard® Aluminum PW740
  • Winguard® Vinyl PW5520
  • Energyvue® Vinyl PW5420
  • Winguard® Aluminum PW7720A
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum PW7620A
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum PW7640


Available in a range of unique shapes, from arches to trapezoids, architectural windows are often used to complement casement windows, adding
eye-catching detail to homes.

Design Options
  • Energyvue® Vinyl AR5440
  • Winguard® Vinyl AR5540
  • Classicvue MaxTM Aluminum AR7620A
  • Winguard® Aluminum AR7720A
  • Winguard® Vinyl AR5520
  • Energyvue® Vinyl AR5420

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Andrea Lambrakis

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Johnny Locop

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Margaret Fallon

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